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Download code PHP Melody v2.7 Update Pack

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PHP Melody Version 2.7 brings all sorts of improvements. Quite a few problems were addressed and we’ve included a ton improvements. While some updates can be postponed, it’s worth updating your PHP Melody site(s) to version 2.7.

What’s new in PHP Melody v2.7

Improved Upload with Drag-n-Drop Support

Since Adobe Flash is being phased out of use, we’ve moved all uploading procedures away from Flash. Our video CMS now relies only on HTML5 for all its upload forms.

PHP Melody Version 2.7

PHP Melody Version 2.7

>> PHP Melody 2.7 Echo Theme 2.7 Responsive – PHP Melody Theme


New Automated Jobs

PHP Melody v2.6 introduced the Automated Jobsfeature which is highly successful with our users. Version 2.7 extends the automation theme with automatic sitemaps generation.

Facebook & Twitter Login

Starting with today’s release, you can enable both Facebook and Twitter Social Logins. Convert visitors into users by allowing them to use their existing social accounts.

A Ton of Fixes & Improvements

No update release would be complete withoutbug fixes and constant improvements. PHP Melody v2.7 comes with a lot of improvements ‘under the hood’; where it matters the most.

How can I update my old PHP Melody installation?
Let’s begin by assuming you’re currently running PHP Melody v2.3 and need to update to the latest version which is v2.6.

Since between v2.3 and v2.6, we’ve released 5 other versions (v2.3.1, v2.4, v2.5, v2.5 [hotfix] and lastly v2.6), you will have to download all these update packages.


You should end up with 5 zip packages saved locally. Begin the update process by unzipping the first update package (v2.3.1) and read the included Update Guide 2.3.1.pdf file. Note: each includes a update guide PDF.

Download phpmelody_27_update_sshare_net.rar :

[dl]https://sshare.net/z43y-phpmelody_27_update_sshare_net.rar [/dl]

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download link?



I need 2.3.1 to 2.4 and 2.4 to 2.5 update packages.Thank you very much.


Hi bro, I need file .htaccess of v2.7, could you paste here or send me an email about the content of this file, thanks in advance.

john doe

2.7.1 update pack?

john doe

2.7 to 2.7.1 update pack plz


plz i want 2.7.1 update pack?

cima light

where download link ?